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Credit Repair & Readiness in Monroe, LA

Trinity Credit Services has been in the business of providing credit repair services for more than nine years. Our company is one of the few bonded and registered credit repair agencies in the country, and we’re proud of what we do. Our credit consultants are trained and equipped to help our clients clean up their credit history, maximize their resources, and rebuild positive credit.

If you’re based in Monroe, LA, you can trust Trinity to get your credit back in order ASAP. Give us a call at 844-844-0701 when you need our services. We can eliminate items such as repossession, foreclosure, bankruptcy, loan inquiries, and late payments from your credit history in efforts to boost your credit score.

Consequently, this will give you a better chance of acquiring approval for a loan or getting hired for a position where an applicant’s credit score is a requirement. We’ve done it for thousands of clients before, with many of them leaving reviews and comments about our service.

Trinity Credit Services is committed to providing the best options for our clients. Every case we take on comes with a 100 percent no-results-no-charge guarantee for our customers in Monroe, LA

Our Standard Process for Credit Repair in Monroe

Our credit repair service is for clients who want to clear their credit history of inaccuracies, which is a practical step if they’re planning to take out a loan in the future. That being said, we understand that people have different credit situations. In order to help our clients succeed, we provide them with personalized plans. Here’s how we do it:

  • Free Credit Evaluation. The client and credit consultant will go over credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion to check each item on the list.
  • Customized Credit Repair Plan. After checking the credit report, we can now take steps to delete the inaccurate entries. We’ll work with the client and supply the tools needed for the job.
  • Correspondence with Agencies. In about a month, creditors will start getting in touch with the client. Simply forward their letters to our team so we can deal with them.
  • Tracking Your Progress. See how you’re progressing by checking out our website. You can also take this time to attend lessons and classes on how you can maximize your credit.

We also have a credit readiness program. This service is a great option if you plan to improve your credit score prior to applying for a home or car loan.

Call Trinity for Credit Repair Services in Monroe, LA

In addition to residents of Monroe, Louisiana, the credit experts from Trinity Credit Services also work with customers in other cities throughout Texas and Louisiana. We can help you start your journey to financial freedom. For inquiries, call 844-844-0701 or send a message on our Contact Us page.



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