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Credit Repair & Readiness in Lake Charles, LA

Your credit history may contain inaccurate details like bankruptcy and late payments, which can bring down your credit score. To improve your score and to have a better chance of getting loans, you’ll need the help of expert credit coordinators who can create a customized credit repair plan for you, such as Trinity Credit Services.

We are a trusted provider of credit repair and credit readiness services in Lake Charles, LA. For the past nine years, our registered credit repair agency has helped thousands of clients clean up their credit history and build positive credit.

Our team is composed of knowledgeable and compassionate credit consultants. They understand that while not everyone has the same credit situation, anyone has a chance of maximizing their resources and rebuilding positive credit.

Additionally, our company is 100 percent bonded and licensed to do business in both Texas and Louisiana, including the Lake Charles LA area. Give us a call today at 844-844-0701 so we can start rebuilding your credit.

Our Credit Repair Process in Lake Charles, LA

Clearing your credit history of inaccurate items can help increase your credit score. Our credit repair service involves four steps.

First, we’ll evaluate the clients’ credit reports. Next, we’ll prepare a customized credit repair plan, providing the clients with all the tools they need to put it into action. During this process, we’ll also handle correspondence with the concerned agencies. Finally, we’ll track the plan’s progress and provide classes that can educate the client about credit use.

Some of the inaccurate items we can remove from your credit history include:

  • Late Payments: Late payments can knock 100 points off from an otherwise tarnish-free credit score. This type of entry can remain on your credit report for as long as 7 years, which is why it must be deleted from your records as soon as possible.
  • Bankruptcies: Bankruptcies make a mess out of your credit history. While filing for bankruptcy can keep lenders from collecting payments from you, this move can also decrease your credit score by up to 220 points and show up on your credit report for the next 10 years.
  • Foreclosures: Homeowners that fail to pay their mortgage risk forfeiting all their rights to the property. If the homeowners are unable to pay their debt, the lender can put the property up for sale. Foreclosures can deduct up to 160 points from one’s credit score.

For clients who are planning to apply for a home or car loan, we also offer a credit readiness program. This program reduces the chance of getting your loan application denied.  

Call Trinity for Credit Repair Services in Lake Charles, LA

Residents based in Lake Charles, LA can trust Trinity Credit Services when they need help in improving the accuracy of their credit history. Call us at 844-844-0701 or send a message on our Contact Us page so we can get started.



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