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Credit Repair Services in Alexandria, LA

Trinity Credit Services is one of the few registered credit repair agencies in the country. Founded in Texas more than nine years ago, our company has helped over 2,000 clients clean up their credit history. Now, we’re making our services available to residents based in Alexandria, LA.

Our company knows the advantages of having good credit, and we also know that not everyone has access to good credit education. This is what we’re working to change. Together with our compassionate and knowledgeable credit consultants, we help our clients improve their credit scores. Once they’re done with our credit repair program, our clients can have an easier time getting approval for their home or car loan.

We take pride in repairing credit the right way. Trinity Credit Services is 100 percent bonded, and we’re also certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you live around Alexandria, LA and you want to start your journey to financial freedom today, call us at 844-844-0701.

Our Standard Process for Credit Repair in Alexandria, LA

Trinity offers two primary services to our clients: credit repair service and credit readiness. Credit repair is a good option if you want to clean up your credit history and remove inaccurate items from it. On the other hand, our credit readiness program is for clients who are planning to apply for a loan and want to maximize their chances for approval.

We can improve your credit score by cleaning up inaccurate listings that include:

  • Late Payments: Lenders are wary of borrowers who have issues when it comes to paying on time. Records of late payment can bring your credit score down by as much as 100 points and can stay on your credit report for seven years.
  • Bankruptcies: While filing for bankruptcy can free you from collectors, this can also mar your credit report for as long as 10 years. What’s more, it can bring your credit score down by up to 220 points.
  • Foreclosures: Failing to pay your mortgage can cause you to forfeit your rights to the property. When this happens, the lender will sell your home so they can get their money back, and your credit score can decrease by 120 points.

Call Trinity to Repair Your Credit in Alexandria, LA

Residents in Alexandria LA can depend on Trinity Credit to clear your credit history of inaccuracies. Find out how you can improve your credit, maximize your financial options, and keep making sound credit and financial decisions. Call us today at 844-844-0701 or send a message on our Contact Us page.



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