Credit Repair Truth


The truth about credit repair

"It's a scam! It's nothing but lies! Those services never work!" These are but a few common things people often say about companies who claim they can repair your credit. M/images/blogs/ost people view credit repair as a scheme to improve one thing and one thing only—the bottom line of the company making the bold promises to restore your credit score.

It doesn't have to be that way. There are reliable credit service companies that have been in business for decades, that understand and follow the rules concerning credit repair and that know how to navigate the process of improving your credit score. (Most reputable companies offer money-back guarantees if they can't deliver on their promise. If you are considering using a credit repair service, make sure they offer a guarantee.)

While there is no easy fix, legitimate credit repair services can be of real assistance in getting your credit score healthy again. It is not an overnight process, nor is there any magic bullet, but working with a reliable company can help to raise your score.

That's where Trinity Credit Services comes in. Not only are we dependable and trustworthy, but we are helpful and effective. We work with you one-on-one, giving you the individual attention and service you deserve. As a Trinity customer, you will work closely with one of our Credit Navigators every step of the way. The Trinity approach of Repair, Rebuild and Restore is time-tested and highly successful.


It all starts with cleaning up your past credit history. We use your consumer rights when engaging with credit bureaus and creditors to remove inaccurate and negative items from your credit report, and we get those items removed permanently. Items that can be removed include late payments, loans and liens to bankruptcies, foreclosures and repossessions, just to name a few.


Through a customer education process, we will teach you the basics of credit management and make you aware of resources at your disposal. We'll strip down your credit report to a clean slate and tighten it up along the way. Your Credit Navigator will work with you to develop a custom restoration plan that will help you prioritize payments and keep your accounts in a positive status.


Your personal Credit Navigator will give you the direction you need to rebuild positive credit and supply you with knowledge on how to make good buying decisions in the future. Whatever your financial goals are, credit education and guidance will help you reach them.

The people at Trinity Credit Services understand that each of their customers and situations are unique. As a matter of fact, the folks who work at Trinity have been through the same credit issues as their clients. They strive to understand what you want to accomplish and then help you get there. Guaranteed.

Keep in mind that even the best companies can't perform miracles, but you can work with an honest company that really wants to improve your credit. Trinity Credit Services has set the industry standard as a reputable company built on a foundation of integrity and exceptional commitment to obtaining the best possible result for every client.



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