Credit Repair Necessary


Trinity Credit Services will help get your credit repaired and approved for any loan you may need.

Are you holding off getting your credit fixed because you think you can't afford it? Having bad credit may be costing you more than you think. Our world is becoming more and more credit driven and having bad credit makes some services significantly more expensive. If you have really bad credit some things you may want are completely out of reach.

Here are some things that are affected by your credit score:

Getting a Credit Card
Many people who have gone through credit repair swear they will never touch a credit card again. Bad idea. Credit cards make more sense for certain types of purchases than debit cards especially when it comes to travel. Renting a car is easier with a credit card. When you rent a car with a debit card, the rental company puts a hold on certain funds in your account. The hold remains until after you turn the car in. It is also easier to make hotel reservations and purchase airline tickets with a credit card.

Interest Rates and Fees
There are some credit cards for people with bad credit, but these cards often have high fees and interest rates. Both of these factors increase the cost of having credit. Usually the credit limit is really low with these types of cards.

Some employers check credit as part of the hiring process. It is required by law to notify you before checking your credit report, so it won't come as a surprise. Having poor credit could keep you from getting the job of your dreams.

Purchasing a House
When buying a home you will want to get approved for a good rate, especially if you have a low or no down payment. Your credit is one of the primary factors considered on a mortgage application.

Renting an Apartment
Many landlords check your credit before renting an apartment to you. Credit standards vary among landlords. Landlords with fewer properties tend to be more lenient and deny only renters who have outstanding debts to other apartments. Still bad credit can make it difficult to find a place to live.

Security Deposits
Utility and cell phone companies do credit checks in the application process. While your application may not be turned down, you may be forced to pay a higher security deposit to get services.


Poor Judgment
Many times people need to fix their credit because they got in over their heads. Don't get me wrong I have been there and done that. We get a credit card, see something we want and buy it. Or we decide to buy a new sports car even though we know it costs more than we can afford. It is often events like these that cause the downward spiral.

Risky Moves
Sometimes you take risks with your money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is your motto. For every great idea that survives and thrives, there are many more that struggle. Many entrepreneurs have poor credit due to the risks they take with their investments. In many cases it makes sense for business owners to seek help repairing their credit.

Sometimes there are events such as a recession that affects our jobs and income, and as a result, our credit. Even those who spend wisely and budget can be hit hard. When your credit is affected, it is good to know there are companies out there such as Trinity Credit Services that can repair your credit.

Fix Your Credit
Credit repair can help you get back on your feet if you find yourself in any of these difficult situations. If you have credit problems you owe it to yourself to open your mind to the possibilities. Time can be your friend or your enemy. If you give up and do nothing to meet the challenges time is not your friend. But if you consult a credit repair professional and explore all of your credit repair options you will be on your feet again before you know it.

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