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Life after bankruptcy need not be an overwhelming task. We will be with you every step of the way until you are able to pay all your existing bills, create a more positive credit history, and secure your finances for your future.


  • Clean up your credit report - Your open accounts can become affected by your filing for bankruptcy. We can make sure your credit report is accurate by checking it for errors and then correcting them.
  • Get expert financial guidance – Our Credit Navigators can guide you in your journey toward financial rehabilitation by providing priceless information about how to make wiser purchasing decisions, paying debts properly, and securing installment loans you can afford.
  • Improve employment prospects – Some employers use credit history as a determining factor on whether or not to hire a job applicant. Bankruptcy can create a big dent on your credit score, so we'll help you establish a more positive credit history.
  • Get qualified for new loans – Get the house and car of your dreams by improving your credit history. In addition to helping you qualify for new credit, we work with excellent affiliates who can get you a loan once your credit restoration journey is complete.


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Restore your credit rating and overhaul your finances

Credit Restoration after Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy liberates you from all or some of the debts you owe, but it does not erase your bad credit history. However, with the right financial attitude and due diligence in building a more positive credit history, you can restore your good standing with potential creditors, employers, and other institutions.

At Trinity Credit Services, we know for a fact that it is not impossible for you to qualify for new credit. It will be difficult at first, but once you settle all your unpaid debts, establish a better credit history, and go through our credit restoration program, you can get back on track with your financial goals.

Our aim is to help you recalibrate your financial perspective so that you can manage your credit properly and get more out of the resources available to you.



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