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Reviewed By: Nancy K N.
Location: Palm Springs, CA

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Comment This review is coming from a real client. I started my journey to try to fix my credit and I found Trinity Credit services. Since the moment I called to this day. my first contact was Amy, she listed to every detail and my concerns and as bad as my credit was, never for a moment judge me or made me feel uncomfortable instead she took the time to explain and give me some positive information on taking the steps to fix my credit. She didn't promise anything except to work with me on getting negative items on my credit report and improving it with Tips on how to keep on building up my credit. Trinity Can't work miracles, but I if you follow their instructions and listen and work with them you will get GREAT RESULTS. They had removed so many negative items, replied to all my emails, the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AMY AND MELISSA, you get answers back and they will call you back if you have any questions. My credit has already improved a lot and the first 50 days + 17 items removed that were hurting my credit report. Incorrect information removed, and so many details worked on my account. I CAN TELL YOU THIS. I have used other credit repair companies NO OTHER COMPANY COMPARES TO THEM. You will get items remove, good customer service, available to talk to you and furthermore, as you are repairing your credit they gave you all the tools to increase your credit score and you can ask all the questions and they always answer. TRINITY CREDIT SERVICES CARE ABOUT HELPING YOU. My credit has already improved and there is more work to be done so far the results are GREAT!!. I recommend them to anyone that is serious about fixing their credit. . I can't believe I'm actually buying a house thanks to all the help they are giving me things are looking positive. Before I hired their services I couldn't get any type of loan or credit card. NOW, I GET APPROVE, AND MY CREDIT SCORE KEEPS GOING UP!!!!... TRINITY CREDIT SERVICES ARE THE REAL DEAL. !!
My personal experience with them has been excellent.
My Name is Nancy, I'm a real client and satisfied with everything they continue doing
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