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I would like to start by saying Thank You to Steve (do not know last name) and the Trinity staff that has been very helpful in my decision on the Company to help me get out of Credit Jeopardy and has answered all of my questions in a timely manner. The first question of how I heard of Trinity Credit Services? I had heard of Companies that do this line of work and did a general Google Search and found that there are many companies that deal with Credit Jeopardy and assists the public in fixing the issue. I clicked on the first company cannot remember what the name was but the website was extremely generic and did not provide me any information on what they could do for me, but had a section to leave my contact info and they would get in touch with me. I did and they to this day have not. The second was a little better and gave me general info but no proof that they could get the job done so I left my contact information and still to date no response. I did this maybe 5 or 6 more times and then I found Trinity. The information that you provided gave me all the info that I Needed to help make a choice of rather to do this, and if the final results would raise my credit score. The tabs and links on your website are a lot more helpful than your competitors, and the amount of information and research that can be done was EXCELLENT. I left my contact information and 5 mins later had an email confirming my request and then a phone call the very next business day from Steve. I must have had spent an hour on the phone with him asking questions and getting a better idea of what Trinity could do for me. I waited 48 hours for the other companies to contact me which two did but lacked the knowledge that Steve had, so I chose to go with Trinity.The reason I have chose you for Credit Restoration, is that I am tired of putting in the request to rebut the incorrect information on my credit report and nothing happening. We are going to refinance the mortgage at the end of the restoration process, as well as getting educated on building a stronger credit score. In closing I just want to say that if this works I am going to do my spouse's credit the same way to get us both over the 700 mark our final goal at the end of next year is to have a credit score of 760 with all three agencies. I would like to personally THANK YOU to Steve for his time and patience in helping me

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