Money-Saving Spring Cleaning Hacks

22 April 2014     Posted by: Jen

Green leaves are sprouting on trees, flower buds are bloom and you’ve finally put away that bulky winter coat. But the appearance of spring also means it’s time to give your home a thorough cleaning. Stocking up on store-bought, chemically toxic cleaning supplies can be expensive, not to mention bad for your health and for the environment. Consider some of these easy, inexpensive sp...


Ideas to help you manage your accounts

19 April 2014     Posted by: Jen

We all have many accounts and payments to manage, whether they be savings and checking accounts, mortgages, student loans or credit card payments — they make for quite the juggling act. Thankfully, there are plenty of online personal finance and budgeting tools to help make your life easier. is free, unassociated with any one credit card company and allows you to tra...


Melissa K.'s Personal Credit Repair Success Story

16 April 2014     Posted by: Jen

Before I worked for Trinity Credit Services, I would get credit advice from Angela, who was one of my clients. When she would come into my store, I would always try and pick her brain. She told me I was handling my credit all wrong. I wanted to be debt-free, to get rid of my credit cards and stop owing money, but I couldn’t qualify for an auto loan without a co-signer due to my poor credit s...


Why partnering with Trinity Credit Services is a win-win

10 April 2014     Posted by: Jen

Trinity Credit Services is the reputable industry standard among credit repair agencies. We offer our partners work stability and their clients a solid pathway to financial freedom— it's a true win-win situation. Why choose Trinity Credit Services? - Trinity Credit Services has been in business for nearly ten years. Our employees are bonded, Fair Credit Reporting Act certified, ...


How to become a Trinity Credit Services affiliate

07 April 2014     Posted by: Jen

Trinity Credit Services is a reputable credit repair company with valuable insight into our clients’ financial predicament. By partnering with us as an affiliate, you can become the catalyst to make credit repair a reality for your clients (and help to recover funds for your organization). The steps to becoming a Trinity Credit Services affiliate: - Contact Jaimie Mason at...


Restore your credit, then maintain financial freedom

25 March 2014     Posted by: Jen

Need help with restoring your credit? Get on the track to financial freedom with Trinity Credit Services. Our four-step plan is designed to get you, and then keep you, on a solid pathway to regain financial freedom. (Can you almost feel the stress relief right now?) A solid credit restoration plan that's right for your future Whether your credit simply needs a quick fix or a total rebuil...


How to establish credit

22 March 2014     Posted by: Jen

  Are you a first-time credit candidate wanting to apply for a loan or a new credit card but don't yet have a credit history? Everyone has to start somewhere, so begin by knowing what lenders are looking for and how you can establish and improve factors that are often taken into consideration. How to begin establishing credit A lender will often look at a FICO score when det...


Applying for a new car loan

18 March 2014     Posted by: Jen

Are you about ready to purchase a new car? While searching for your desired car make and model, it may also make good sense to learn the benefits of applying for a new car loan. Have you factored the expected cost of car ownership into your total expenses and overall budget? Do you know that the type of car you select will likely affect your loan amount? Trinity Credit Services will driv...


Are swipe & sign credit card transactions coming to an end?

15 March 2014     Posted by: Jen

A new innovation in identity theft protection is coming to credit cards in short order. Currently, if you pay for your groceries or gas with a credit card, you only have to provide a signature to complete the transaction. Starting in 2015, though, these “swipe & sign” transactions will come to an end. Last year, hackers stole the personal information of Target and Neiman Marcus ...


Benefits Of Paying Off Your Auto Loan Early

12 March 2014     Posted by: Jen

The average American has accumulated more than $225,000 in debt and has less than $500 in savings, according to a recent report from GoBankingRates. The average auto loan debt is $30,738. Keep in mind, many people have no auto debt, so some people have auto debt that is substantially higher that $30,738. When paying off an auto loan, there are several questions most people have. ...