Trinity Credit Services will help get your credit repaired and approved for any loan you may need, even after bankruptcy.


Address the reason you had to file for bankruptcy. Whether it's a shopping compulsion, lack of health insurance, home in foreclosure or some other reason, you will have a better shot of improving your credit score if you face and resolve those issues.

Make sure your credit report is accurate. Errors are very likely to appear on your credit report after bankruptcy because many of your open accounts are affected by the filing.

Begin to build positive credit history and positive credit rating by obtaining a secured credit card. You will need a revolving credit line to prove your credit worthiness. You can deposit several hundred dollars with a bank and receive a credit limit equal to the amount you deposited.

Get an installment loan you can afford. Home, auto and student loans that are repaid on time can really help your credit. Be prepared to have high interest rates until your credit score improves, at which time you should try to refinance.

Pay off any credit card debts in full each month to show potential creditors your spending and repayment habits have changed. Never get loans you aren't completely sure you can repay on time, or you could be back in bankruptcy court in the near future.

If you have a bankruptcy, Trinity Credit Services can help you remove it from your credit report so that you will be able to qualify for new credit. Call us at 1-866-820-2176 or fill out our online form for your FREE Credit Report Consultation.