Trinity Credit Services will help repair your credit and remove errors on your credit report, patience is key when waiting for credit restoration to fully process.


Many people who come to us seeking credit repair do so because they want to buy a house and can't get the loan they need approved. Or their car is about to die and they need to buy a new one ASAP. Often the time frame for credit repair is very short.

The problem is that it takes time to get credit, build credit and it also takes time to ruin credit. None of it happens overnight. So, the expectation that it can be fixed overnight is outlandish. This process operates on a specific time line. You need time to let the laws of our country work on your behalf. In most cases, we see results within the first 30-45 days, so patience is key when it comes to credit restoration.

You never know when you may need credit. It is often a good idea to begin the credit repair process before you need the credit. Don't think about fixing your credit 30 days before you buy a house or car. It pays to think and plan ahead.

So save yourself some stress and some agony, and learn what others have failed to learn. Exercise some patience in credit repair and you will receive excellent results. For help with credit repair, call none other than Trinity Credit Services at 1-866-820-2176.